The Grove by Rockwell

The Grove by Rockwell is a sprawling development, highlighting the majesty of greenery in the middle of the metropolis. It offers city dwellers a sanctuary to live and play in a virtual oasis where lush gardens and beautiful landscapes prevail. The Grove by Rockwell brings nature into the lives of the residents by making gardens natural extensions of every home. Its yet unmatched 80:20 landscape to building ratio allows the develpment to embrace nature, without sacrificing the comforts of a modern, urban life.

Rockwell will be the first to plant the seed of development along C5’s 37-Ha corridor of properties that will undoubtedly rise to form a stunning skyline across the city. To deliver a warm-modern touch to sophisticatedly designed towers and lavishly functional open spaces are Dallas-based Architect Don Wilder and world-class Landscape Architect Karl Princic – the legend behind the majestic landscapes of Amanusa, Bali. Come home and enjoy weekend picnics and barbecue roasts among secluded pocket gardens. Take a nice, relaxing dip amidst abundant water features or jog around a trail-path that makes you feel you’ve just broken away from the city! 

From cozy flats to awe-inspiring bi-levels, The Grove by Rockwell will feature affordable units with ingenious use of space . Make this your chance to own the much-desired Z-Loft of Number One Rockwell that tickled all aspirations. This exclusive residential development also features marvelous Garden Units that fully take advantage of The Grove by Rockwell's exquisite landscape. All residential spaces are designed to deliver utmost luxury and comfort in living in true Rockwell style. 

Since it was established, Rockwell has unfailingly delivered unparalleled luxury in lifestyle and innovation. As we build our story and go beyond Rockwell Center, our brand promises to continue delivering quality to those who deserve the finest things in life.

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