Rockwell Land continues to cast its magic spell

By: Theresa Samaniego
Philippine Daily Inquirer

After 16 sweet years, Rockwell Land has proven that it has truly come of age.
But despite having already earned that distinct and elusive mark of prominence, prestige and respect, this Lopez-led firm continues to dare, break new grounds and raise the bar that keeps on redefining luxury living in the Philippines.

Indeed, even with the proliferation of high-end property developments, Rockwell remains a cut above the rest in terms of quality, design and personalized customer service among so many other pluses that contribute to that so-called “Rockwell magic.”
In an exclusive interview, officials enumerate 16 points why Rockwell Land’s eight existing and ongoing developments should be your top choices.

1 Reputation and credibility. Rockwell officials claim that the company has managed to preserve its reputation of being a premium brand as it continues to deliver “quality living” based on the tenets it believes in—whether tangible (finishes, amenities, masterplanned developments, etc.) or intangible (lifestyle, customer service, centralized property management).

2 Order and security. The entire Rockwell is a barricaded fortress from 12 midnight until 5 a.m., during which all major access points are closed. With 27 day-shift guards and 17 for the night shift in strategic areas around the Rockwell Center, residents are assured of utmost order and round-the-clock security. Their guards have also been accredited and trained to perform basic life support by the Philippine National Red Cross.

3 Customer service. For Rockwell, it’s all about nurturing relationships, creating an unforgettable experience worth sharing to others, which is something unique about living and being in any one of its developments. All platforms, officials say, are imbibed with personalized customer service, from the sale of the unit, turnover and maintenance.

4 Kid-friendly community. Rockwell may be one among the best places to raise a family, with its quiet and safe community where practically everyone knows each other’s names. It’s another plus that practically everything is just a stone’s throw away within the Rockwell Center, adding comfort to an already luxe life.

5 Wise investment. Owning a piece of Rockwell doesn’t just give you immense bragging rights, as it can actually be the best investment one can make, officials claim. “Rockwell properties are and will definitely be an asset to one’s portfolio with preselling prices per square meter steadily increasing per year. Those who have invested as far back as 1996 have now more than doubled their money with a capital values appreciation of 115 percent.”

6 Exclusivity. Being a well-planned, mixed-use development, Rockwell has built a community that is self-sufficient and self-contained—indeed, a city within a city. Much like a five-star hotel, residents have individual key cards that allow access only to their rooms and floors and common areas in the building.

7 Lifestyle and Leisure. Aside from its residential offerings, the center is also famous for The Power Plant Mall and The Rockwell Club, which complete the infamous “Rockwell Life and Style.” These two entities allow the company to provide even to just the mallgoers a holistic view of its vision in creating that prestigious lifestyle.

8 Landscape and esthetics. “Rockwell has definitely made a statement through landscape architecture and has since been recognized and associated with luxurious residential and resort living,” officials say. They point out that Rockwell has pioneered the concepts of “good green space” and “spill out retail dining” in developments, leaving a lasting impression on all guests and tenants. Also making a mark are its well-manicured lawns and fauna, greenery and the lights that line the center’s buildings at night.

9 Accessibility. Even as the Rockwell Center stands out as an exclusive enclave of sorts, residents will find it easy to go to and fro major central business districts in Makati, Ortigas and Fort Bonifacio. Lucky you if you live and work within Rockwell, which houses several local and multinational firms and a school as well. Shuttles going around the Rockwell Center are also available for a minimal fee.

10 Nature. Despite being “fully built-up,” Rockwell remains “fully green.” The Rockwell Center has a ratio of roughly about 60 percent open space to 40 percent buildings, while the company’s latest development, The Grove by Rockwell, will have more than 75 percent open space.

11 Disaster-ready. Rockwell Land is not called “Eternal Boy Scouts” for nothing. Blackouts are a thing of the past at Rockwell even with the onslaught of the worst typhoons. When Typhoon “Milenyo” devastated Manila in 2006, the company managed to keep power supply within its developments through Rockwell’s multiple and redundant power generation systems. “One hundred percent backup power is the standard for any Rockwell development.” Rockwell likewise claims to be flood-free as it earlier commissioned a study for the 100-year flood cycle history of the land where all its developments sit. It has since been incorporating the results of this study prior to starting any construction to ensure safety of its tenants and residents.

12 Management. Rockwell Land prides itself for having a centralized property management team, which officials say, ensures that completed developments are still taken care of long after the units have been turned over to residents. This team directly deals with valued customers and ensures that the quality of service delivered is impeccable.

13 Amenities. As most of Rockwell’s residents comprise of Philippine society’s A-list, top multinational executives and other VIPs, nothing less is expected especially when it comes to amenities, deemed as first-class—from its fully equipped fitness center, private function rooms, outdoor lap and kiddie pool, business center and a variety of ground level retail spaces and services.

14 Groundbreaking. It was unheard of in the ’90s, but Rockwell Land dared to transform 15.5 hectares of barren land into the Philippines’ premier luxury residential and commercial community. And it has successfully done so. Still, the company is not one to rest on its laurels as it continues to innovate, as seen in the “special features” for each of its development.

15 Identity. Rockwell Center holds the prestige of being identified as the “most desired dwelling place” as indicated by the fast appreciation of its property prices over the past years, officials claim, venturing further that Rockwell has fast become the “most coveted address” in the Metro.

16 Convenience. This is a mere understatement for tenants and residents at the Rockwell Center, where everything is readily at hand—retail shops and service stores, offices, school and even a chapel. To further illustrate: residents are given underground access to all towers, allowing immediate ease of navigating the Rockwell center in privacy and back to their units.

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