The Grove by Rockwell, Flood Free During Typhoon Pedring Indeed, Safety by Rockwell

from the grove facebook page.

The Grove is 100% Rockwell. *Photos taken at 4:00 PM, September 27, 2011 during a lull from Typhoon Pedring's path raised Signal No. 2, over Metro Manila.

C5 South Bound - across the property, near Tiendesitas, no flood and very light traffic.

Welcome to The Grove. 100% Rockwell.

Road to Towers A & B construction site - wet, but clear :)

Why Floods Never Happen at The Grove

Towers A and B construction, visibly no flooding onsite.

SM Hypermart, right across The Grove by Rockwell, also flood free.

C5 North Bound - right outside The Grove by Rockwell, no flooding onsite.

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