Safety and security guaranteed at The Grove

(The Philippine Star) Updated October 21, 2011 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines - The country’s premier property developer steps up in the aspects of safety and security with its latest residential development The Grove by Rockwell. With over 16 years of experience, Rockwell Land has continuously delivered with communities that are designed to withstand natural calamities. Rockwell Center in Makati has proven itself formidable against earthquakes and typhoons in the past years and The Grove is shaping up to become just as impressive as its predecessor.

Growing along the two major thoroughfares of C-5 and Ortigas Avenue, this development is further proof of Rockwell’s dedication to creating a safe and secure community fit for you and your family.

Homeowners can live comfortably knowing that the grounds are always safe and comfortable. The Rockwell Center is often patrolled by guards who are often visible to respond to any emergency. –The Grove by Rockwell is set to have the same kind of system involving well trained guards, state of the art equipment and vehicles. Estate security and personnel are trained as emergency reaction teams to quickly respond to urgent situations with basic life support as trained by the Philippine National Red Cross. In addition to internal security mobilization, there is also seamless synchronicity with local city government, emergency, police and rescue units for fast response and efficient emergency management of incidents.

In addition, The Grove by Rockwell is designed to withstand earthquakes. The buildings are built on top of 56 meters of cast-in-place bored piles that is specially designed to further reinforce the structure with its heavy vertical load.

The Grove by Rockwell is also master-planned with extreme weather conditions taken into account. With the Philippines being prone to severe assaults of typhoons and monsoons, The Grove is literally built to stand on land well above the reaches of floods beyond its doorsteps.

The Rockwell Center in Makati is indication of the meticulous planning that Rockwell has implemented in its developments. Even with the Pasig River running by its perimeter, flooding is no trouble at all to residents because it is controlled and prevented from coming into the area.

Utilizing 100-year flood cycle scenarios to plan for the future, Rockwell is able to develop waterfront policies that work with nature’s course instead of against it. 100 year flood cycle studies ensure that The Grove by Rockwell is designed to endure against the strongest typhoons and the high floods that come with heavy rains.

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