Experience Rockwell magic at The Grove

By: Theresa S. Samaniego
Philippine Daily Inquirer
11:18 pm | Friday, November 18th, 2011

The masterpieces of Amorsolo, Joya, Luna and Manansala have since been considered as the crown jewels in the world of Philippine visual art.

Their contributions are undeniably significant and immeasurable, to say the least—so much so that their artworks, even in today’s digital age, remained most coveted and valued.

However, the steep price that each piece commands made it impossible for every Filipino to own one. Thus, leaving most of us to just wanting and admiring it from afar.

Perhaps, the same can be said of Rockwell Land Corp.

Aptly named after these famed Filipino artists, every condominium development of Rockwell similarly connotes of exclusivity, luxury and premium quality, with an end target to continuously redefine the concept of Filipino living.

“Owning a Rockwell property has even become more of a badge,” shared Rockwell Land senior marketing manager Vienn C. Tionglico.

The notion of a Rockwell unit being more than just a living space, Tionglico added, stemmed from the solid reputation that the company has established over the past 16 years and the will to deliver projects that has become the benchmark of comfortable and upscale living.

Admittedly, just like anything that is considered premium such as the works of our National Artists, a Rockwell development comes at a steep price.

Friendlier rates

The good news, however, is that Rockwell Land, through one of its latest developments which is The Grove, is giving people a greater chance of experiencing the “100-percent Rockwell” living experience, but this time at friendlier rates.

“For P7,000 a month one can enjoy the comfort and upscale living Rockwell has been known for,” Rockwell officials said.

“With The Grove, we promise to give them the comfort and Rockwell lifestyle that we are known for. Buyers are sure to experience the same convenience, quality and exclusivity that is synonymous in all our developments,” they further claimed.

Wise, intelligent investment

Located on C5 road, The Grove, which is Rockwell Land’s first residential enclave outside Makati, is considered a catch—a wise and intelligent investment, especially for first-time homebuyers.

“When you’re making a major investment, especially if it’s your first, you would want to get the best value for your money and The Grove promises to give you that,” Rockwell officials said.

“Same thing goes for investors. Every Rockwell property continues to increase in value over time so when the time comes that you need to be liquid, you can easily do it with any of your Rockwell acquired property,” they added. The Grove’s strategic location, which is minutes away from the Ortigas business district, hospitals, schools, business establishments and other places of interests also makes it a premium investment.

Aside from that, The Grove likewise boasts a 75:25 open/landscaped to building ratio, which they said was a testament to Rockwell’s commitment to provide utmost convenience to its tenants.

“We are not just here for the profit. In fact what was originally planned as an eight-tower development has been trimmed down to six to give residents more space to move. Those two towers could have allowed us to offer more units and a better profit margin but we didn’t want to sacrifice the comfort of our unit owners,” the officials explained.

“The number of units for every floor has also been limited and regulated to ensure that there will be no cramped corner. We have set up four elevators for every tower to guarantee that waiting time would be short,” they added.

Same building standards

And despite it being priced more affordably, The Grove, according to the officials, followed the same building standards its previous Makati projects had.

“The quality of the finishes and the integrity of the structure is the same as the ones that we have here in Makati. Our stringent quality control with our contractors ensures the integrity of the units that we deliver. We make sure that every corner is inspected and every little problem addressed,” they noted.

Being a Rockwell development, The Grove will also be enforcing the same security and property management that they afford their Makati residents.

“For the amenities, we will have the same facilities for The Grove. There will be the usual pool, gym, dance studios and all the other amenities one might need to complete that Rockwell lifestyle,” they explained. “Also, we guarantee that after sales service will be available to ensure a smooth turnover of the units. Residents are assured that our relationship with them doesn’t just end with the selling process as we will be there to address their concerns, even after the units have been turnover,” Rockwell officials concluded.

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