Into the Grove

We all know Rockwell as that stretch of premier real estate in Makati, with its residential buildings, officers, and a luxury mall, all of which were built in an area that used to be a geothermal power plant. While Rockwell land has been developing that flagship property for years, building a community and other commercial districts, the company has since been set on bringing its trademark lifestyle to a new area.

Along the length of the C5 cluster of properties, Rockwell land has been working on a project that brings a new experience to those who are looking for a bit of a break from the crowded urban landscape. The Grove by Rockwell a premier development that features wide, open spaces something that makes it distinct from the imposing concrete that usually marks most areas in the city.

Spread across 5.4 hectares, the property has six residential towers, recreational facilities, and gyms, allowing people the luxury of staying in a self-contained community. The popular restuarants and cafes that have opened inside its gates provide places where you can meet up with friends, and the uniquely built retail area brings well-known brands within reach. The Groves proximity to Ortigas will also appeal to people who have been working on corporate careers, and couples who are looking to raise a family might find it a suitable location as the large swathes of space offer something for children to explore.

As its name might imply, The Grove is focused on establishing a living space thats more than a little green, and natural elements feature strongly in its design. The Grand Lawn serves as a place to while away the hours and multiple gardens are spread across the area, providing a natural atmosphere. Several pools keep the place from feeling static and the general openness makes sure that its residents never feel like they need a breather.

All of these make The Grove an ideal place to settle in, whether youre looking to start a new life or wind down from the one youve led.

By Aurelio Icasiano III (Metro) on Dec. 31, 2012

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