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By Tanya T. Lara (The Philippine Star) Updated April 03, 2011 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines - You can see the towers from the distance, their silhouettes lit by yellow light. Rockwell Center in Makati glittering in the night sky, its towers standing like faithful sentries. Or, if you will, like ballerinas en pointe, graceful and still.

The Power Plant Mall below and inside the towers, they are bustling with activities as everyday life is played out in an inspired manner. Your day may start with breakfast while reading the paper in one of the many coffee shops just across the street from your building, or in your own unit’s balcony to enjoy the morning sun. An hour or two spent in the building’s gym, or perhaps a swim. Then you head for work as the spouse gets the kids ready for school. For her, leisurely lunch with friends, pick up a few things in the supermarket, or shop for a new outfit in the numerous designer brands at Power Plant Mall. In the afternoon, a yoga class or a massage at the Rockwell Club. Evening rolls along — dinner for two at a chef’s restaurant just a stone’s throw away from your home, or if the mood dictates, you cook a lovely meal in your own kitchen. Then you catch the last full show at the mall, followed by a nightcap in a wine bar or at home to reflect on the day that has just transpired. And you turn in for the night — in your own private, nurturing space — safe, secure and knowing tomorrow will be another great day.

It may sound like an idealized life, but for Rockwell residents, this what every day looks like. Rockwell Land transformed this 15.5 hectare space and created one of the country’s premier communities, an address that is synonymous with exclusivity and success. The four towers of Hidalgo, Rizal, Luna and Amorsolo are in the West Block, and opposite them are the Manansala Tower, Joya Lofts and Tower, Number One Rockwell, and under construction, Edades Tower and Garden Villas. 

This kind of easy, luxurious living is being master-planned by Rockwell Land once more.

Resort living every day: The Grove by Rockwell, located along C5, is a 5.4-hectare property that’s themed around cosmopolitan green —earthbound, sustainable, and surrounded by greenery. The Grove is a community for emerging entrepreneurs, corporate executives, young achievers, and starting families seeking a premium address worthy of their first investment.

The Grove By Rockwell

Located along C5 near Ortigas Avenue, The Grove by Rockwell brings the resort to the city. In 5.4 hectares, Rockwell Land is developing a property that’s themed around cosmopolitan green —earthbound, sustainable, and surrounded by greenery outside, and even indoor for its limited-edition units.

The Grove is the perfect community for emerging entrepreneurs, corporate executives, young achievers, and starting families seeking a premium address worthy of their first investment. This is the address that shows you have already achieved success and will definitely continue to.

From above, The Grove will look like a sprawling resort that’s located outside the city — it being wrapped around by trees and embraced by greenery. Out front will be a community center while in the middle is water — a pool deck with several lap pools and opening up to a 40-meter lounge. There will be multi-purpose courts, a soccer lawn, dance studios, a day care center, meditation gardens, children’s playgrounds, and game rooms. 

Six towers are planned to rise in The Grove, each with their own set of amenities such as a fully equipped gym, outdoor barbecue/picnic area, indoor multi-purpose court, and Zen meditation garden. Designed by Pimentel Rodriguez Simbulan & Partners and interiors by Erfe and Associates, the towers will each have an exclusive arrival and drop-off driveway, double-height main lobby, four high-speed elevators, 100 percent stand-by emergency power, and 24-hour building security.

Like any property by Rockwell Land, the interiors of the units are built with top-grade materials — modular kitchen cabinets and bedroom closets, ceramic tile for the bathrooms, laminated flooring throughout and imported tile work for the kitchen, and provisions for air-conditioning systems, and voice, data and cable TV connections.

Units vary from studio to one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom, starting at 32 sq. to 167 sq.m. The towers will have both flat units and loft units. Then there are the special three-bedroom Garden Units, which have their own outdoor garden and plunge pool. Imagine all the plants you can grow in your own garden. Why, you can now grow your own herbs for your kitchen!

The Grove by Rockwell will be a community that will allow you to feel as though you are on a perpetual vacation. Coming home to The Grove after a hard day’s work will be such a joy.

Edades Tower And Garden Villas

Named after National Artist Victorio Edades, the Edades Tower and Garden Villas is located across Power Plant Mall in Rockwell Center, Makati. 

Rockwell Land describes Edades as the most upscale of all its developments — and that’s saying a lot!

Edades Tower and Garden Villas is unique for three reasons: first is the tower — its fa├žade is not flat, but rather broken up by balconies and garden decks. Second, it offers Garden Villas right in the middle of the city, two-story villas in such a premium piece of real estate forming a cluster around the tower. And third, it offers Garden Z-Lofts located in the tower, a loft design that revolutionized the conventional loft unit, and these units spill out to a generous garden deck.

Like all the Rockwell towers, Edades comes with its own luxurious services and amenities, including a one-of-kind lap pool located on the third-level podium. Edades units start at one-bedroom to three-bedroom — in flat, loft and Garden Z-Loft layouts.

Rockwell Land calls Edades its latest piece in a master plan, one that has taken years to conceive, plan and finally to start building. Once finished, Edades is bound to be one of the country’s architectural gems. It is a modern tower with a unique look yet it comes with a cluster of two-story homes, as if going back to how Victorio Edades himself and every Filipino lived before the age of high-rises.

Another premium masterpiece: Named after National Artist Victorio Edades, Edades Tower and Garden Villas is the most upscale of all of Rockwell Land’s developments. The two-story Garden Villas are clustered around the tower.

Where the living is easy: A three-bedroom model unit of Edades Tower designed by Erfe and Associates features premium furnishings and a luxurious feel. The tower also offers Z-Loft units that spill out to a generous garden deck.

Number One Rockwell

Number One Rockwell is the latest property in Rockwell Center, Makati, to be turned over to unit owners, which started last year with the East Tower

and this year for the West Tower.

One Rockwell has the highest rental yields among all the residential condominiums in Makati, making for very happy investors and unit owners. The units are all sold out but many more are now open for leasing. The quick sell isn’t surprising at all, since One Rockwell’s two towers are the newest in the Rockwell community and are designed magnificently. The towers aren’t identical — one is shaped cylindrically and the other almost like a folding fan.

One Rockwell has both flat and Z-Loft units, the latter an innovation by the architectural firm Pimentel, Rodriguez, Simbulan & Partners, who also designed Edades and The Grove.

Rockwell’s Leasing Team efficiently attends to unit owners and prospective tenants’ needs, with a team is dedicated to each of the two towers. Tenant profile at One Rockwell is described as 25 to 60 years old, and people who want to be part of the Rockwell community. They are mostly expatriates, businessmen, corporate executives, retirees, starting Filipino families, and even students.

Lobby luxury: The lobby of Number One Rockwell.

Z is for innovation: Designed by Pimentel Rodriguez Simbulan & Partners, Rockwell Land’s signature Z-Lofts, which revolutionized the conventional loft unit, maximize space — and style.

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