A Family Finds their Ideal Home at The Grove

With a lovely family and a highly successful business at the top of his list of priorities, it was of utmost importance for entrepreneur Wilbert Young to settle in the ideal residence. After a thorough search throughout the metro for the perfect condominium unit, Wilbert and his family found their home in The Grove by Rockwell.

Previously living in their family home located in an exclusive village in Quezon City, Wilbert and his family decided to make the move to a condominium unit in 2010. “A house is hard to maintain,” Wilbert explains. “Also, with my family often out of the country, I would get lonely being in a big house by myself.”

Because they did not want to face the difficulties that came with moving from a large house to a condominium unit, Wilbert and his family were very careful in choosing which development to purchase their new home in. “It took time to find the right condominium,” Wilbert shares. “We looked into a lot of developments, but were disappointed with the size, because of the small cuts, and the quality.”

Through recommendations from friends, Wilbert learned about The Grove and, after learning more about the property, decided that it would be their new home. One of the biggest factors that convinced him to purchase his unit was his trust in the developer. “Rockwell is a good brand,” he says. “I like the community here, and the neighbors I am with.”

Transitioning from a house to a condo, space was not an issue for Wilbert at The Grove. At 130 sqm., Wilbert declares that the “size is ideal”, because while not limiting the family with space, their home at The Grove is still easy to maintain.

With the help of an interior designer, Wilbert was able to achieve a fresh and contemporary look for their home at The Grove. “I wanted interiors that were modern,” Wilbert shares. “We also wanted to keep the unit easy to maintain, and have each part of the unit be functional.”

With three daughters to care for, Wilbert shares that for him and his wife, “security is the number one consideration.” At The Grove, this couple finds peace of mind, with the property closely monitored by a trained security team, and elevator access cards limiting entry only to residents and authorized personnel. “We feel very safe here, and the access cards to elevators are an impressive security measure,” Wilbert shares.

Wilbert, along with his wife and daughters, have seen much of the world, as evidenced by a wall of memorabilia in their unit, proudly displaying souvenirs from France, Japan, and Australia, among others. His wife works for a fast-moving consumer goods company based in Singapore, while his daughters also spend most of the year abroad for school. However, this well-travelled family still calls The Grove their home.

His daughters especially enjoy the facilities at The Grove when they are home, citing the swimming pool and the gym as favorites, amenities set amidst the development’s verdant landscaping. Wilbert also shares that he and his family enjoy the view of The Grove’s greenery. “When you open the curtains in our unit, you can see the garden,” he gushes.

The conveniences of living at The Grove allow Wilbert and his children to lead their lives in comfort. “Parking is never a problem, the property is managed very well. We frequent the restaurants in the community center so we don’t have to go far for lunch or dinner. The location is also ideal for us since this is still near our family in Quezon City,” he enumerates.

Enjoying his life at The Grove, Wilbert says a second property in this development is a possibility for him and his family. “We are looking into the possibility of another unit,” he shares. “It’s a good investment. We are very happy to get this property.” Like many families, the Youngs each live full and vibrant lives, but at the end of the day, still call The Grove their home.

Source: Rockwell Land Website

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